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This article is one part of a series on my leadership values, which form the basis of my leadership blueprint, a tool that I use to accelerate my integration into new teams by helping them understand who I am, what I value, and how it shows up in the work I do every day.

Although the article is short, it contains many links to books and reference materials that flesh out particular concepts. …

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What’s that secret sauce that transforms a 360 from a generic process into a performance management powerhouse? You’ll likely find the answer on beautifully designed posters hanging in your company’s office. You got it; it’s your company’s core values. Knowing how to apply company values to your management practices will let you deepen the culture and impact your team creates for the company and customers.

There’s a reason CEO’s and leadership spend months crafting values. They are integral to building a culture that drives the success of a business. They give companies a competitive edge and create market differentiation. …

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If you’re a manager, reports have come to you asking for help to develop a skill. If that skill is one of your core skills, you take on the role of coach. Your goal is to condense your years of experience, hard lessons learned, tips, tricks, and tactics to accelerate your report’s development. You set up a coaching session, or a workshop that you’re confident will help.

You don’t even realize that you’ve made a significant error. …


Chris Caldwell

I help businesses build, lead, and manage design teams.

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